Article 1. Purpose of collection of Personal Information.

1. Manage the posting of information and censor public information;

2. Manage the traffic of users using the service, the number of users;

3. Manage marketing activities, provide information to users such as sending the latest service updates and new features related to our products and services;

4. Provide solutions and change services to serve users' needs;

5. Manage, analyze and evaluate data related to system data;

6. Receive information, suggestions and complaints from customers in order to improve service quality;

7. Contact the Customer to deal with the Customer's requirements.

Article 2. Scope of personal information collection

1. Content of information collected: may include information such as full name, address, login name, avatar, email address and phone number, Google/Facebook login name, personal identification number citizenship/citizen identity, payment information, which may also include other information such as IP address, usage habits Content, interests and lifestyle information, any personal information other that the Customer voluntarily provides to Msky…

2. We will ask Customer to provide personal information when Customer needs to register to use Msky's Service. If we use this information for purposes other than the purpose for which it was collected, then we will ask the Customer's permission before using this information.

Article 3. Methods of information collection.

Msky collects Personal Information of Customers through the service and through the Personal Information section on the website/Msky application.

Article 4. Storage period of collected information.

Msky will store the personal information provided by the Customer on our internal systems in the process of providing services to users until the purpose of collection is fulfilled or when the Customer requests to cancel the information provided.

Article 5. Publication and modification of collected information.

1. We grant the right to customers to self-edit public information on the website/Msky application. We only cancel or hide information when the Customer requests or the information violates Msky's regulations.

2. We publish personal information collected from users on the website/Msky application and related website for the purpose of providing the best service to users and ensuring the effectiveness of the service.

3. We may have to provide users' personal information to authorities, government agencies for security, customs, immigration and statutory purposes. other to the extent required or required by law.

Article 6. Address of the unit collecting and managing personal information

Website setting organization: MSKSY . CO., LTD

Address: 2nd floor, building 29T1, Trung Hoa urban area, Hoang Dao Thuy street, Trung Hoa ward, Cau Giay district, Hanoi

Phone: ...


Article 7. Commitment to information confidentiality.

1. We are committed to ensuring information security for customers when registering personal information with Msky. We are committed not to exchange customer information for commercial purposes. All sharing and use of customer information shall comply with the company's privacy policy.

2. For the best security of customer information, we recommend that customers limit account access by automatic login, pay attention to password backup mode and make sure to log out of the account after logging in on our website/app when using a public device. We shall not be responsible when the customer's personal information is leaked for the above reasons.

3. The privacy policy only applies to the information Customers register directly through our company's Services. All information customers register at other websites or addresses are not covered by this Privacy Policy.

4. We will be required to disclose information if it is necessary to protect the property and safety of Msky or others as well as prevent illegal activities, regulations violations making great influence on other customers, or when a law enforcement agency requests information.

Article 8. Protection of Customers’ personal information, private information 

1. Msky takes all appropriate precautions possible to keep the Client's personal information secure and requires third parties that process personal information for us to do the same. In order to prevent illegal access, alteration or misuse of the Client's personal information, only our employees, agents, and contractors who provide service and maintain the system are authorized to access it on a need-to-know basis.

2. To protect personal information, personal information of customers, our service uses storage software, information security software and firewall system, to ensure that customer information does not stolen.

3. To avoid accidental or intentional destruction of information, when we delete information from Msky's service, we may not immediately delete any remaining copies from the server or delete the information. from our backup system. Every networked computer is identified by a string of numbers called an "Internet protocol" or IP address. When a user has a request sent to Msky's server while accessing the page, the server will recognize the person through that IP address. This will not affect the Customer's personal information other than recognizing a computer that is accessing Msky. Msky uses this information to establish statistics about global traffic and to see if there is an abuse of bandwidth in order to coordinate with applicable legal policies on network security.

4. Force majeure events: There may be factors beyond Msky's control that lead to data being disclosed. Therefore, Msky takes all possible measures but is not responsible for ensuring that the data is always maintained in perfect condition without being disclosed. Customers by accessing the Msky site here agree to these terms. In addition, the Client is also responsible for keeping his/her account access information confidential to prevent illegal access to his/her computer or device. If possible, sign out of public or shared devices when each visit is complete. If Customer sells or returns a computer or device pre-installed with Msky, Customer should log out and turn off the devices before doing so. If Customer fails to maintain the security of the password or device, or fails to exit or close the application, others may gain access to Customer's account, including Customer's personal information and Data.